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  • 1 2013 VW Classic Tour – Cruise to California Part 2


On paper the next leg didn’t look too bad. 42 miles to Banning via PalmSprings and then cut through the Moreno Valley and drop into the SoCal area…..Wrong!!!

There’s a reason they have those giant Mercedes logo windmill things in Indio.


The winds were high but nothing like recent events. (Our hearts go out to Oklahoma).

It was the speed with which the other cars were movin at that got to me. Their speedometers must have been spinning. I saw a bus full of nuns doing 100. They waved….but still….wow.

After getting through Moreno Valley which I think is beautiful by the way, I successfully navigated Riverside (shout out to Reggie Miller). When I hit my first traffic jam on the 60 merge to 91, I breathed a deep heavy sigh.

I opened my ragtop….un-clinched my grip….un-puckered my…well, lets just say, I relaxed and let the air in.

I smiled…I just took a fresh Chirco built 1904cc motor and drove through 2 deserts in Arizona summer like heat in an air cooled VW. I’m not gonna say I’m hot snot, but….I did turn down a Holiday Inn Express. ????


I guess now is as good a time as any to announce that Motor builds are coming to the public soon! Customers will be able to order long blocks and turnkey motors in various sizes. will work out the shipping with you and get it to your doorstep.

This California trip is the type of performance you can expect. built and road trip tested. ???? more info on the motor building program soon.

Next update I visit TMI!

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