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Dune Buggy Dashes and Consoles

Chirco offers an extensive variety of dune buggy dashes and sand rail switch boxes. If you're looking for a dune buggy switch box, we've got it. We carry various sizes ranging from 4" switch boxes to 9 3/4" switch boxes. Color is also another option that you have while looking for the switch box you want. We carry polished aluminum switch boxes, black switch box and a standard aluminum. Need something that will fit your gauges? We've got those too. Make sure you look for the sand rail switch box with the holes and then measure those holes to ensure they will fit all of your gauges. In addition to the variety of switch boxes, we carry numerous types of vw sand rail dash boards as well. We have some that have holes, some that are tall, some that are short, and some that have no holes at all. There is a dash board or a switch box out there that will work for your build. Chirco also has a full wiring harness that comes complete with the fuse box. Feel free to call us at 1-800-955-9795 and we will get all of your questions answered.

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