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Dune Buggy Kits & Roll Cages

Our VW baja and racing VW roll cages are made of mild steel .095 wall. Chirco offers many kids of baja kits for Volkswagens. In our large aircooled VW warehouse we offer the VW baja bug one piece front end. Also available is the Volkswagen VW 7 piece wide eye baja kit, extra thick. More fiberglass items that Chirco can provide is VW rear racing fiberglass fenders, VW Baja rear deck air scoop, fiberglass front hood and much more. Chirco also provides 3 inch body lift kits that will fit the VW baja bug and fiberglass dune buggy. Chirco is a leader in providing roll cages for the baja bugs. We provide a 4 point baja bug sedan roll cage and also a 6 point baja bug sedan roll cage. Items are oversized but can be shipped to you without any issues. For al questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-955-9795 and our technical savvy staff will be able to answer all questions.

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