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Dune Buggy Brake Switches

One thing you don't want to go out while driving your aircooled VW is your VW brake light switch. At Chirco we offer high quality VW dune buggy brake light switches. If you're looking for a direct replacement high quality VW brake light switch, we carry the German made 2 prong vw brake light switch, and the german made 3 prong vw sandrail brake light switch. These are the highest quality VW baja bug switches that are made. If you're wanting a lower but still good quality we offer the Brazil made 2 prong brake light switch and the 3 prong vw brake light switch. This is an item that we would recommend carrying in your glove box. All of us at Chirco highly recommend upgrading your VW Brake light switch to a German made because it will most certainly outlast any other brand on the market. It is very important to check to ensure you have a 2 prong or a 3 prong switch. If there are further questions, our VW technical line at 1-800-955-9795 can answer all of your questions.

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