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Dune Buggy Disc Brake Kits Front

Making the transition into VW disc brakes not only a big decision but it can be a big investment too. Chirco offers a large selection of Dune Buggy front disc brakes and Baja bug front disc brakes. Our VW front disc brake kits are special to a link pin front end or a ball joint front end. All kits come with brand new parts. Be sure to check the description and maybe even give us a call to maek sure youre getting the correct VW front disc brake kit. We carry 5 lug front disc brakes for ball joint and link pin, as well has 4 lug front disc brakes for link pin and ball joint. When ordering your kit, be sure you're ordering the correct year as these VW disc brake kits are specific to year as well. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-955-9795 and ask all and any questions you may have.

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