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Dune Buggy Heavy Duty Throttle Cables

Chirco Performance offers these high quality accelerator throttle cables for your air cooled VW Sand Rail or Dune Buggy. There are many different styles of throttle cables that you may need for your VW dune buggy. We have the universal throttle cable that will fit on any build that you're creating. The universal is one of our most popular selling items as it can be tailored to be whatever you need it to be. We have heavy duty sand rail throttle cable, which is a thicker wire and a lot more durable. Most of our heavy duty cables come with a very thick outer jacket that helps protect the wire inside. We also have a throttle cable with a sheath. If the throttle cable you have is too long, we have a shortening kit that will help take care of that problem, and vice versa. If the VW throttle cable is to short, we offer an extending kit. Everything that you need for your throttle cable is right here at your fingertips. Please browse our listings for all your VW throttle cable parts needs!

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