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Dune Buggy Slave Cylinders and Parts

At Chirco, we offer the pull style VW Dune buggy clutch slave cylinders. This style of dune buggy and sand rail clutch slave cylinder is the best on the market. They feature an 1/8 npt threaded hole for 3/16 brake line fittings. All of our slave cylinders have a non-corrosive piston. With this piston being non-corrosive, it lengthens the life of the slave cylinder. Our slave cylinders are two different brands, we offer the EMPI slave cylinder and the CNC slave cylinder. Both are high top quality and will do your VW sand rail or VW dune buggy justice. If you are not wanting to purchase a brand new slave cylinder, we offer the rebuild slave cylinder kit as well. These are offered in blue and polished aluminum. With this rebuild slave cylinder kit, it allows you do go through your current VW slave cylinder and completely rebuild it yourself without having to purchase new. It is often times a lot cheaper as well. If there are any further questions, we will get you completely taken care of. Just give us a call at 1-800-955-9795.

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