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VW Stock Cooling Fans

Here at Chirco performance we offer you high quality stock replacement VW parts at the best prices possible, below you will see all of our stock replacement Volkswagen cooling fans and related parts, one of the main problems that happen to the air cooled Volkswagen cooling fan is they develop cracks around the center hub, this results in a fan that is out of balance and will cause alternator bearings to prematurely wear out as well is cause a vibration, Volkswagen offered the early thin 32 mm fan that was used on 1967 to 70 Volkswagen air cooled beetle engines, then in 71 they came out with the dog house fan shroud which offered better airflow and cooling to your Volkswagen air cooled engine and started manufacturing the 35mm air cooled Volkswagen fan. Please be sure to check your fan hub to be sure there is not worn grooves from the fan ratcheting back and forth on the hub

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