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What Is The Rarest Volkswagen Beetle?

The rarest Volkswagen Beetle is the Zwitter, which was manufactured and produced from October of 1952 up until March of 1953, and is most commonly known for its split window on the rear of the car,. The car halted production because the split window in the back was found to be compromising the vision of drivers.

More About The Rarest Volkswagen Beetle

It’s no secret in the classic Volkswagen community that pre-1968 production beetles command the strongest interest among collectors due to their diversity and design.

They were built from quality materials and illicit a sense of patriotism even though the car was built and shipped from Germany.

However, one particular model, is dubbed the rarest Volkswagen beetle ever and may be the most sought after: the 1952 Zwitter (Short from Zwitter Kafer or Hybrid Beetle).

It was produced from October of 1952 up until March of 1952 and featured a 30HP, 1,131 air-cooled four cylinder boxer engine, four wheel independent suspension and of course – the oval dash split window.

Split-window Beetles were manufactured and sold between the years of 1948 and 1952. They are considered and always will be the “Purist Design” as it pertains to the Volkswagen beetle.

To the purist, Beetles today represent nothing that they once did and are a long shot from what enthusiasts consider a quality manufactured production vehicle.

Because of that, individuals who own classic VW Beetle owners do everything they can to retain the cars original aesthetics and build quality!

If you’re looking for quality parts for your Beetle, make sure to check out our store today!

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