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Bug-toberfest ’06 is Oct 15th

The 11th annual Bug-toberfest is coming up quickly.

Hard to believe that this is the 11th consecutive year we have had this show. Every year it seems to keep growing and growing.
It must be the relaxed atmosphere, or maybe the fellowship among air-cooled folks.
Chapman VW of Tucson also brings out their new models for every one to see.
Over the years, this show has help us make donations to the Tucson community food bank to help families in need.
If you have never been to the show, here is a preview of last year.
Lots of fun.

Three years ago we starting having a BBQ the night before.
We announced it just a couple off days and really thought we would be feeding ourselves. After 3 quick runs to the store to buy more and more food, we thought this is a fun event and it has grown every year.
If you are going to be in Tucson in mid October, we sure would enjoy seeing you.

Pre-show BBQ October 14th starting at 6:30pm
Bug-toberfest ’06 Show and Swap October 15th starting at 8:00am
If you would like to enter a car, follow this link

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