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VW Videos - Bug Me Tech

Chirco is the #1 Stop for VW Videos!

In order to give you the best VW technical help, we have multiple VW Videos from Bug Me Tech that we offer to assist in troubleshooting your air-cooled issues. We carry all videos from Volume 1 - Volume 10.

  • Volume 1 covers the general maintenance on your Volkswagen Bug, VW Beetle, VW Bus, VW Thing. It will help teach how to adjust your valves, clutch, replace your fanbelt and more.

  • Volume 2 will help assist in pulling your VW motor and servicing your Volkswagen clutch. It touches on replacing the entire clutch, release bearing, clutch cable and more for all your air-cooled VWs.

  • Volume 3 is one of the most popular Bug Me Videos, it is the complete engine rebuild. This video shows you how to completely rebuild your Air-Cooled Bug, Aircooled Bus, VW aircooled fastback motor. It has instructions on how to tear it does, clean it up, and most important, how to assemble your VW motor.

  • Volume 4 touches on all brake parts for the air-cooled VW, including drum brakes, and disc brakes.

  • Volume 5 is all about the VW transmission explaining both the Swing Axle Transmission and the I.R.S. Transmission.

  • Volume 6 talks about VW floor pans and how to replace them in your bug, bus, thing, and all VWs.

  • Volume 7 will explain all about the VW heater channel. It goes over how to replace the entire VW Bug, VW Bus, Volkswagen Squareback heather channel, along with the lower door posts and the lower quarter panels.

  • Volume 8 is another popular video discussing the Volkswagen Type 4 engine rebuild. This is only for the VW Type 4 motors and will help with tear down of the motor, shows you what to look for in regards to replacing things in the motor, and then the full assembly.

  • Volume 9 is one of the longest videos that Bug Me Video offers. It It is the complete wiring harness replacement. It will help you identify all wires and changes that have been changed throughout the years. This video covers all VWs from 1961-1979.

  • Volume 10 discusses all VW electrical troubleshooting. It talks about converting your air-cooled VW from a 6v to a 12v, the entire turn signal and ignition switches, and more.

If you want to talk to an expert, you are more than welcome to give our tech's a call in our very own service department at 1-800-955-9795.

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