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Dune Buggy Throttle Pedals and Parts

A complete line of throttle pedals are offered that will fit any dune buggy or sand rail build. Our throttle pedals are all very similar however they do have different characteristics that make each and every one different. We offer a sand rail throttle pedal that is angled with a foot rest, a sharp looking dune buggy billet throttle pedal, and then the standard dune buggy sand rail throttle pedal. If you aren't wanting a full throttle pedal, Chirco stocks the dune buggy roller pedal. These roller pedals come in a stock style black roller pedal but also comes in a billet look type roller pedal for a classier look. If your dune buggy throttle cable is just a smidge too small, our throttle cable extension will give it another 19 1/2" of extension to put the cable and throttle pedal where it needs to go.

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