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The New is up and Running!

Lots of the new is similar to the previous version.
But what we needed to give our customers was more bells and whistles.
The new has plenty of those. The biggest thing our customer wanted was a wish-list option. This allows a user to create a much larger list of items than they can either afford or currently need. Then they can chose when to take portions of there wish list and transfer it to their basket when they want and the remaining items stay recorded for future use.
The new site also shows what other customer have purchased while viewing a product. What a cool feature, so now portions of the site is being created by our customers. Our customers can also write short reviews on the products they have purchased to be helpful to others.

We have been told that the search features are easier to use and the articles are found faster. The whole project took about two months to complete, fortunately we had some help from some great people.
I hope you can take a look and also enjoy it.

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