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VW Stock Engine Kits

When building a VW air cooled Volkswagen engine, you always want to use quality components. Chirco Performance has been in the air cooled Volkswagen parts and service industry for over 30 years. We have customers all over the world that ship us thier Volkswagen engine cases to have us do all the case machine work such as align bored, thrust cut, and install case savers, our machine shop can handle all your stock to performance Volkswagen machining needs.

Chirco has assembled these quality Volkswagen engine kits to make it easy for you to build your engine at home. These kits include a new set of Volkswagen dual port heads, new crankshaft, new pistons and cylinders, as well as a full set of rebuilt German connecting rods as well as an oil pump push rod tubes and engine gasket set in more.

Please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to do your Air Cooled Volkswagen's engine case machine work then send the entire engine kit and case back to you to assemble. This process works great so we know we are sending the proper main bearings to match up to the case align bore.

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