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  • 1 2013 VW Classic Tour – A Visit to TMI


You know, you might think visiting TMI would just be like visiting any vendor…right? Well…I was not aware of the sheer magnitude nor was I prepared for the moment Aaron opened the door and there I stood above the factory floor of TMI.


I felt like Charlie in the chocolate factory. It was tremendous.

The facility is 160,000 square feet of sheer bad-ssery. Aaron told me that they have nearly 200 employees and they run multiple shifts. As we walked from shop to shop in the building it became clear early on that these guys are no joke. It’s no wonder we always recommend their stuff.

The systems that make the molds combine chemistry and engineering. They have robotic arms like the major automakers or those cool pop locking guys with the Ohio Players when they were on the Midnight Special.


When I saw the super tall shelves with all the air cooled VW interior stuff you could imagine, I got a little choked up. I didn’t want to leave my spot but Aaron sorta indicated that I did that at every single stop so I was kinda like “the boy who choked up wolf” and it would be best to stop if I wanted to see the whole place.



I got to see the mold shop, electronics land, material world, shipping planet, historic vehicle storage, long table conference room, and a cool mini VW seat upholstered in a display cabinet! TMI actually does kits for Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles, Oompa Loompas, and more


On top of everything, Aaron, his wife Cat (who is like sales manager Demi-god or somethin….frekkin power couple.), and the General Manager Dean, took me out to lunch! I had a burger and great conversation. Fabulous people and really a fabulous company. To think it all was started by 4 brothers in their garage wanting to make VW interior stuff……and look now….wow. Very impressive.

The 3 headed monster of cool (Dean, Cat, and Aaron) was kind enough to take a pic with my car.


What a fun visit.


p.s. check out TMIs website. Really cool.

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