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  • 1 2013 VW Classic Tour – Cruise to California Part 1


First lets start with the pre-trip stuff.

Before heading on a 400+ mile road trip in an air cooled VW, there’s a few things you need.


  • Parts of you need to be made of steel, if you get my drift.
  • You need a good plan
  • You need water…yes we live in the desert, and
  • You need a emergency kit…just in case



The first leg of the trip was short. Just 79 miles. I thought I heard an exhaust noise but it turned out to be the weird music I listen to. The car ran great so I just topped off the tank and headed on to leg 2.

Leg 2 was a sanity tester. It was about 90 miles through what is known as the Phoenix Bypass Route. You would think it was called that because you skip driving through Phoenix, but it turns out its a detour through your mind and many people speak of seeing a Phoenix playing hopscotch when they go this route.


I stopped in Buckeye to see a man about a horse. Car was awesome. Oil temp never went above190 even with it being nearly 90 degrees out at 9a.m.

The next leg was a solid 100 miles to the bustling metropolis of Quartzsite. I pulled in for gas when I got there and my car drew a crowd. The deck lid rack was a huge hit.


So….here we are….next stop Blythe, California. Now…I did spend some time looking for a huge pair of bloomers to put in my deck lid suitcase so when the border check guys asked me to open it, we could get a good laugh. Well…I didn’t find any granny panties I liked (shut up), and they actually just waved us all through. It was double disappointment for me. (Sad Panda).

I did get a good state line shot though.


The area after Blythe was the first “Tucson Hot” I felt on the trip. The oil temp climbed to 210 but I have since been told that is fine. As soon as I started climbing the hills before Indio the temp dropped and the car just purred.

I stopped at a Starbucks in Indio and that’s where I really noticed something strange about the folks in this part of California. I’m gonna let my theory play out before I drop it on you though.


At this point I was really feeling good about the trip. Any car fears were gone and really it was fun and introspective and that is always good

Stay tuned for part 2 and the rest of the story.

P.s. here’s a few numbers. Avg speed. 73mph. Avg 26mpg. Engine size 1904cc dual weber 40s. Full flow with deep sump and cooling fan. Petronius billet dist. Sexy two tone paint scheme…super cool straw hat. ????

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