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Highschoolers Build a Barret-Jackson Karmann Ghia

According to one my high school teachers, if being distracted was paid in gold…I’d be Midas.  ????

I only say that because it really is amazing to think that the students of the AC3 class at Cienega High School in Vail, AZ,  spent nearly 6 years putting together one of the nicest Ghias we have seen around these VW parts in a while.

One of our local enthusiasts is named Mike Keck.  He’s kinda like a Swiss Army Knife of  badassery.  Great guy, coach, friend, and teacher.  He started the AC3 program at the school.  The idea was that the students would put together a VW every year.  I’m talkin body off, if need be, and highly detailed vehicles.  The initial projects were able to maintain that pace, but times change, and so do school district time requirements…so the AC3 Ghia project became a true test of will, and perseverance.  These kids brought their “A” game though, and the result is this beautiful 1968 Karmann Ghia that made it’s debut at Chirco on January 11, 2014.

karmann ghia at

karmann ghia at

Chirco is pleased to have a hand in every AC3 project since it’s beginnings.  This Ghia we are especially proud of though.  Not only was it super duper clean, it is also on it’s way up to Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ to make it’s way across the stage and hopefully reward the program at the level it deserves.

karmann ghia at

In order to celebrate the debut properly, we invited the local “yahoos” in the hobby to come down and share in the fun as usual.  The turn out was great (even though some clown brought a Minnestoa Vikings cup!…Really?!?!…pffft…some people.)  ????

karmann ghia at

There was a higher than normal Ghia turnout which we all thought was very cool. (Looks awesome Ed!)

karmann ghia at

karmann ghia at

It was nice to see the high schoolers getting congratulated for all their hard work.  Many people were surprised at the quality of the build.  The 1904cc engine was a real beauty and the interior was extremely nice too.

karmann ghia at

karmann ghia debut at

All in all it was a blast.  Chirco wants to thank Mike Keck and the Cienega High School AC3 program for doin us all proud.  You guys are great.  Thank you for letting us be a part of it.



-Team Chirco

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