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VW Baja Bug One Piece Front-End Nose Job

Naturally my first thought when I saw the Baja in the Chirco service center and the one piece Baja front-end was “Doddy-o-doe No Nose Job!”.

While the reference may escape some, the opportunity to snap a few quick pics and talk about what was going to take place was quite present.

one piece baja nose kit from chirco


Now…the one piece VW Baja Front End we carry sells for about $365. It is an oversized item so there is a handling fee applied. The one piece front end is one of those off road vw parts that can really make a difference in how your Baja looks…“tough”, “aggressive”, “slick”, “machismo”, and “unicorn” are words that come to mind. If you combine it with the Baja Bug double tube front bumper we carry, you will get looks and double looks everywhere you take your Baja.

The piece itself is well constructed fiberglass, but the installation does require a little finesse.  Having some skill with a sawzall, jigsaw, a sander, and at least 4 – 10 fingers is helpful…oh..and as always proper safety equipment along with a buddy or 2 is a good thing.  ????

one piece baja nose kit from chirco

one piece baja nose kit from chirco

The piece is made larger than what you need as we all know how over the years our air cooled VWs may not have perfect body lines as they have lived…I mean really lived.  The fitment of the one piece front end requires you to mark and measure and cut it down to fit properly.  I’m told if you just take your time and measure twice, cut once, you can do it.  To be honest the 7 piece kit may be easier to fit, but the look you are after is a matter of opinion really. also carries a huge number of  Baja accessories and other items to help enhance your car and take your cool to the next level.

If you have detailed questions about how to do this, give our shop guys a call, 1-800-955-9795, they are always willing to give advice.  They aren’t big on hugs, but they really are very knowledgeable and they will point you in the right direction for sure.


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